Designed to bring brands into the circular economy
Helping Brands to Become Sustainable
Change is coming. Consumer demand is pressurising brands and retailers to adopt sustainable behaviours. We make it possible for any brand to join the movement.
Our solution
Bio-Polymer Textile
A viable alternative to polyester, our textile is bio-sourced, biodegradable and compostable. It is designed to circulate our system again and again.
Our material
Disruptive Manufacturing
Our new-age additive manufacturing method forms clothes in a one-step process. Say goodbye to offcuts and wasted material.
Our technology
Future of fashion
The fashion industry cannot continue on its current trajectory. We are determined to create real change. Learn how.
About us
Going green?
Sustainability is at the core of our brand. We work hard to ensure our solution allows partner brands to operate more responsibly.
4 ways we bring value to a Phat Plastic partner:
Consumer Loyalty
Better for brands
Transitioning to a circular business model takes time, tools and technical know-how. We eliminate this burden for you and manage everything.
Better for consumers
We make sustainable fashion attainable with our frictionless system design. Consumers can be confident that their clothing has been ethically made and responsibly handled when they are reclaimed by us.
Better for society
This is about changing attitudes and influencing change. We are pioneers in ensuring a positive future for fashion. Let us show the way and allow others to follow suit.
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